Cherrygrove Updates & Weather

Today marks the beginning of Round 2 of Cherrygrove, so go check it out when I put it up later today. I’ve also completely revamped how I run college over there, so go look at the Education page if you’re interested in that. I even took screenshots of my spreadsheets this time, so you can see how far my nerdiness goes. I don’t think it’s too complicated, though.

Also if you haven’t seen it already cmomoney made a nifty little weather controller so you can make cool pictures like this:

You can add snow, rain, as well as change cloudiness and sunset-ness. Very useful for stories, and I’ll probably be using it too for some future Cherrygrove banners.

Get it here!


Someone Save Me

It’s been 5 days since I’ve had Internet access. My ISP was supposedly sending someone over today to see what’s happening between 12 and 3. It’s 3:30 and I haven’t gotten a call or anything, so we’ll see.

I’ve gotten a good amount of simming done, and I’ve tweaked a lot of aging and education stuff for Cherrygrove. Also I have discovered the handy WordPress app for my phone so that’s cool, which is how I’m posting this. I won’t be updating the info on college and stuff until I have a normal computer at my disposal, though.

In other news, I went outside today.

Edit: He just called and he’s going to get here around 4:15! Whew.

Cool Little Find

Alright so I stumbled across these cool little things thanks to the Sims Daily, and I just wanted to share them here because of how awesome they are:

Object Resizers! (FYI Resizer is now a word)

I can think of a lot of items I have in game that I don’t use simply because of how big or small they are, so I will definitely be abusing these a lot. They work on items, sims, and each other so if want to stack them that’s doable. Anyways for those of you show saw there’s a Cherrygrove update (the last of Round 1!) and tomorrow there will be a Patriarchy update as well, so heads up for that!

In the meantime here’s Lance’s latest painting:


So I’m not really sure how often people check Mod the Sims, but there’s a new mod uploaded yesterday that seems too good to be true:

Evening School for Adults

It allows adults to sign up for weekly classes in various skills, that run from 6pm to 11pm, I believe. If you ever wanted to include night school, this is the way to do it. Now, if only the creator (or someone else that is super helpful) could make a daytime version that I could use in my university! Still this will be nice for those adults that want to go back.

Of course this came out AFTER I planned out my entire college system for my sims! Oh, well.

(More) Updates!

Alright, I’ve just finished posting an update for OMG A Patriarchy! Over at it’s blog and later today (since it’s past midnight now) I’ll put up the latest update for Cherrygrove! Also earlier this week I put up an education post there too, if you’re interested. And also there are some banners too, featuring the Pellham-Blanco family as well as the Riebels (this week’s update). I have a little over half of that update written, so it shouldn’t take too long to finish up!

Edit- Just got the Cherrygrove post up!

My head hurts…

I’ve spent nearly the entire day redoing my playables database for Cherrygrove, since I realized that once I start getting some more residents my current system is going to be very inefficient and awkward. Also, I came up with my university system. This was something I was really indecisive on for the longest time, since I wasn’t even sure if I wanted one, then if I did include I had no idea how I’d go about doing so. So, today, I finally sat down and hammered most of it out. I don’t actually have any lots, etc. yet, but I do know the degree system and such. Go check it out if you’re interested!

Also, because more and more I’m feeling like this is just a blog where I complain about how prosperities are so complicated to manage, I’m going to talk about my Legacy.

So… everything is running smoothly there and I’m pretty happy with it…. yeah.

Okay now back to Cherrygrove. I took more modelling pictures, this time of Lance because he’s my favorite character so far. Enjoy after the break! Continue reading


Whew, for those of you who haven’t checked, the first update for Cherrygrove City is up, and I just posted the second update for OMG, a Patriarchy! Please go check them out!

Also has everyone seen the pictures of Lucky Springs? When I first heard of it I thought ‘ew, desert, no thanks,’ but seeing how some of the beautiful pictures are just incredible, I’m tempted. Still, it’s a lot of money, and I’m still saving up to buy Showtime. And I’ll probably buy Supernatural, too. My biggest concern over Lucky Springs is that why should I pay for a nice world when there are so many talented CAW users out there? Cherrygrove itself is someone’s custom world (Plum Grove), and I love it to death. Anyways, that’s all for now! Cherrygrove will be updated again this Friday unless I get hit by a bus. Patriarchy doesn’t really have a set schedule, but you should expect an update every 3-4 days.

Until then, enjoy some random pictures I took because I was bored and wanted to try out some poses:

The Woes of Prosperities

Oh man. So I’m in the process of setting up Cherrygrove City for my prosperity challenge, and I had no idea how involved it would be. I tried a prosperity once in Sims 2, but it was never really serious and ended fairly quickly with the release of Sims 3. This is my first try in Sims 3, and though I’ve played with NRAAS and Awesomemod before, I’m still learning so many things about them that I never realized. I had no idea I could actually let dogs Autonomous Try for Baby but not regular Woohoo, and thats just the tip of the iceberg. Anyways, I think I’ve finally gotten everything together, and I even started inputting information of the first family on the Cherrygrove blog. Check it out (and test out the links between pages too!).

I also have TONS of spreadsheets so I can know the details of every single one of my sims, which also took a while to compile. I’m still unsure if some things on there are unnecessary or if I’m missing other things. I think I’m ready to start actually playing, so hopefully by the end of the first round I’ll get all the kinks worked out. I would literally pay someone to create a mod that is made for prosperity hoods, something like the pose player where I can just place a small item somewhere in the neighborhood and it affects all the households.

Also, with each blog post on Cherrygrove I intend to take a model-type picture of the family. I did all 3 for Round 1 today, and I had no idea that they would be so time consuming! If anyone knows of a organized, large resource of poses that all work for pose player please direct me there, so far I’m stuck scouring through My Sims 3 Blog’s history. It works, but it isn’t easy. I hate to give an ETA because then something will happen and I’ll probably miss it, but I’m fairly confident that I’ll have the very first post up on Thursday or Friday, so yay for that. I’m so ready to just start!

Oh Hello

Hello new (hopefully) reader! And old readers that are bored and stumbed across this! My name is Kyle, aka Spirational. I am an 18 year old student about to attend UCLA. By the time you are reading this I’m probably already there. So in my infallible logic I decided to start up this blog RIGHT BEFORE my life gets turned upside down and I leave for college. Go me. Anyways, I have three dogs whom I all love and I was about to say something else but got distracted by a butterscotch lollipop.

Oh, I started Simming right around when Sims 2 Freetime came out, so early 2008. I did try it a little earlier at a friend’s house, but didn’t really love it. If only I knew how my obsession would grow… Anyways! I think that’s all I have to say. Oh! I’ve done mostly everything when it comes to Sims, including dabbling in making CC (nothing notable), a music video or two (also nothing notable), and doing legacies on the main Sims 3 forums. But never a blog, so here we go!